Here It Flows While Candles Are Erased

I want to touch you every time I can

Permission to come inside your head and prove faithfully desire

Short time thrusts thrown away only techniques designed to stay 

Looking up and back down catching our eyes meeting wide

Sneaking glimpses between our legs fighting avoiding asking for cum

Pictures exchanged happily drawings and writing presented on knees

We’ve triple checked what we want ended face to face sure it’s more than butterflies intruding 

Treatment of our hearts invented time travel time always against us

Sped up when you’re moaning my name slowed apart bedtime disappointing cuddle impossible 

Higher than at the party you shine with words over adequate highest grade of care

Yesterday we were scared of touching even thinking of us stirring thumping 

Further into our awakening taking in the lakes we’ll swim dry off go to our bedroom. 
More than talk 

Surely more respect and quality allowing us great sessions 

Bright day or not

With you I stay laying my head on your lap or between lips interested active or opposite 

I try to show in everything done the seriousness of what I’ve promised 

Notes placed back of my closet hidden until my words expose their presence 

Head shaking your are unbelievable finished in perfection somehow continuing in it further depths 

Candles melt before our moans not as bright as our sounds. 
I hold hands unashamed unaware of anyone else 

Who appears during my satisfaction conclusion bursts. 


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