We’re Somewhere There 

Decreased my voice so my words are more important to the ones in agreement 

Laying on my stomach eyes closed mind wide open hoping to sleep not process feelings 

Are my efforts balanced properly  atheist racists baffle ignorance double anomaly 

Awares when looking together we’re a pair divided easier to conquer what honor in spitting 

Bounce poems and beats backwards up down literature apprehending our thoughts some how

Watchful eyes of the law add in mercy church be on paper 

I throw up hands and they sway to pen inked in special ways

Talk a lot then silent for days navigation through self is tricky tricks maze

Plays to cause turnovers  fumbles losses late forth quarter 

Walls built for borders trapping us inside when disasters unfold mold us into bitter acid rain. 
We’re Somewhere there between the darkest night 

Other side best days additional years on life

Capitalization hidden under names while painting words during random occasions 

Blazing because it’s cold laying on pavement bottom level citizens some with skin considered flagrant

The grave went returned on Earth hatred pregnancy then birth 

What’s worse I can’t figure out what’s worse dying underneath or during revisions 

Left to die on the street,  behind doors broke,  or prison

Top layer talkers void of depth steady missing

Amounts align to dominate extinction. 


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