Bargain Dump 

Negative at the bottom they swear 

One of the reasons I don’t care to show up 

It’s been a hard time lately but I’m still trying to stay 

And for all my puny efforts hey

Crashing into invisible blockades 

Don’t you dare tell us how you feel 

Written under as a time limited joke, 
Came to you expressing my feelings

Exposing hidden paths I viewed 

From my view into your imagination 

Discarded as unworthy regarding statements 

I’ll just keep it all from you. 

Perfect collection for scrutiny then rejection 

Your point irrelevant but stung regardless 

If you’re standing on diamonds with gold shoes 

My words don’t have enough royalty for those high noses and pinkies 

When I feel down and worthless  as if my efforts are futile 

Coming to you isn’t going to happen 

Want to cut the majority away, 
It’s supposed to be sunshine through our lives 

No mention of being depressed do not cry

Pretending to be a fortress is more respected

Instead of talking to you now I’ll bury it far below 

No words for you to ridicule 

Speech between us mute.  


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