Leap Ahead Twice 

Under the sky I said my thoughts verbally naked 

Shared my silly seemingly destinations 

Lights in my eyes showing my heart plainly 

Gained me as more than a friend marvelously connected 

Introspective checked out valid but I still need constant levels of such a love 

Delivered time with her is deliverance repentance at being angry with life. 

Happy Holidays despite my situation 

Loving my reinstatement even though I feel like a defendant no not plaintiff 

Figuring figures for short gains big gains broad lanes 

Conquering the mirror outside my door reflecting question marks 

Spark conversations of intergalactic behaving safe raving 

Well our profession we draw with words delivered via buckets of typing 

Sleep can wait after my entry so I can sleep safe from depression it tempts me

Empty after the battle within trying with power to build towers of defense 

Rinse tar away from the room for high definition zooms 

Up in the air right now like lost balloons. 


Greatest enemy in me everywhere but with the right care a fighter 

Burning with intellectual fire 

Try a different way to use tires in my travels 

Scrambling then decoding binary scrabble 

Dabble on an assortment  of needed pieces 

Although I admit my seclusion  is maybe  voluntary 

Sensitive fighting every hour humans only have limited powers 

Sour really quickly used by people who weren’t always shifty 

Unstable unworthy out to get me

Frown attached my face in casket cheers hurrah sixty six sixty ways

Of course in the end credits roll regardless 

Guess when it comes to dying that’s the hardest. 
I back up my reluctance by evidence with experience 

Serious but anyhow I’m looking at beaches and big towels 

Pile of ice listening to something nice while reading 

Or writing of places undiscovered but surely in season.  


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