Loud Yelling Men

Bad man louder than the party 

Gonna make everything about him

We have to deal with this disturbance once more 

What about me spraying from him in anger
Oh look at me I’m being so loud and angry, 

Too much getting along in here and I don’t feel important, 

Gonna start some shit again. 

Holy fuck does it have to be this way everytime 

Screaming nonsense no context with fear an objective 

I have my own piles of waste to clean

Habits to break up with never to return knees exposed 

My own whispers of despair even among  joy

Hand me good news instead of violence or threats

Let us traverse the sky in harmony unseen 

Clean with no malice without scream 

Sir kindly check your tone

Leave the stereotypes married with prejudices away

Cast you lot with a different view wherever you are 

My underground  secrets come up in promise. 


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