Boy you better learn lies are drilled everywhere 

Emotions steer like cars on thick ice 

Jumping on your anger it’s usage 

Why waste time trying to persuade you

It’s convenient to be arrogant with ignorance mixed 

Double problem threat Twix 

An old man’s opinion on saving time if such a thing exists 

My writs tired from explaining turns twists 

Formatting off keys too soft words still required 

Inspire past fame so what if they despise your name

Write until all words written 

Go back in other languages give it to ’em

Instead of plots for revenge 

Glad I didn’t believe in nonsense to a point 

Boy be careful you can’t just do what you want 

Guess it’s solo now talking to myself 

Can’t get enough space  to decompress 

Maybe that’s a problem rendering me incapable of progress 

Hide inside a private  place to focus 

Clear debris from all compartments 

Introvert recharge to break all odds. 


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