Without Telling Them

Blame all around

That late night drive without telling them we’re leaving

Moon reflecting light in a dark space

Replacing the mission free from stigma prison

Wishing for a private space private place quiet with great taste

Instead yelling plus shaming time for an arrangement

Back out before the check cashed and tucked away

Speeding before knowledge spreads of our getaway

Brand new place to show our faces friendly to all races

Sexual orientation whatever consenting adults want to do

Any place humans can start anew moved to abandon these needles

Actually blood and energy draining people

Blame all around and no one is innocent

Unfortunately space welcomed perk perhaps we can breathe

Violence anger and ignorance kill seeds 

Years unspoken over trivial shit

We’re the ones with arms waiting 

Rule breakers on the corner of wind moving again to understand

Human behavior within ourselves then others

Sisters brothers we are but some minds didn’t make it that far

Don’t put your excuses on me

So anywhere hop in

Changing never coming back here again

Within telling them.


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