Dirty Flush

Isolation brings reality in

Excuses fold and disengage

Amazing how crowds cheer only minutes from here

I am waste polluting immediate areas 

Trash close to barriers of good folks holding out

When I understand how far behind I am 

Running just won’t make sense anymore

Looked for reasons and found cruel confirmation instead

Stalling my last night for years

Hopes are sweet yeah

Intentions sparkle

Daydreams close to smiles

Before me it is snowing fire

Consume all I have planned

No vent for me buried in this land

And when I post for the last scene

They’ll still be clueless to the person I wanted to be

Hold tears of insignificance for private mourning

Protect them refusing to let them out around anyone

Jokes on all of you I can’t be used if I’m dead

I’ve kept my head up high vigilantly

Fought through places painful to be in

My grand total is still negative

Don’t need you to hear me out

Attention seeking wasteful in any amount

When my bones are found in the ash

You deserve a chuckle then a hard hearty laugh

Forever untold.


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