Save me for your needs and nothing else.

Remember when I hugged you excited for the night?

Before you became too busy to speak.

Reached out to you found you out of reach.

Tell me I’m your star then disappear.
Fall in love with my bright smile then murder it,

Tell me I’m everything you love and then hate it,

Swear I should be myself consistently then ignore it,

Say I can bring you my dreams then piss on the fire I loved. 

Called crying asking what happened to me.

Clueless woman we’re not supposed to be.

Shoot my hopes in the head.

Slice my reasons to go on in the neck gently.

Similar to how I feel now.
Tell me to express myself,

Then laugh in my face,

Make me feel secure to tell my future wishes,

Then remind me of my insignificance.

Basket of crabs baby. 

Chances are, I’m going to die poor

Why pretend I’m worthy of something more

Remind me there’s no escape here

Remind me I’m alone here

Remind me no gods appear

Only curses in my eyes and ears.


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