Seriously In Person

Serious in person can we stop laughing

So I can lick my lips and tell you without butterflies I love you

Caress that gorgeous body and intellect panties soaked always wet

Concerns on a local level before the nation hence our hugs to ease our frustrations

Haven’t mentioned it in a while I’m with you completely purposely

Spectacular like a private gift unexpected and needed

Causing the gesture to be returned and learn shedding selfish concerns

Toss and turn but who puts me to sleep well and happy

Sappy love songs sung when in showers when in public quietly

Believe me I rather live with you than anyone else 

Write with you view amazing sights and do lunch brunch drink spiked punch

Lick your anus kiss your neck suck nipples cum then read together

Extra orgasms in rainy day scenarios discuss politics over Cheerios

Finger you while driving listen closely to your concerns

My manhood isn’t threatened by a independent woman

Work together for better cook in the kitchen I’ll wear an apron it’s whatever

Aroused even in silence as you read books next to me I’m privileged

Limited time spent with me while your family says I’m the enemy unaware the greatest moments contain we

As they talk about my skin color and age we found a different book started writing on our pages

Seriously in person your legs up in public we’re both sweating and working

How many gallons of your cum on my face in your stomach in condoms

Almost want to save them an exhibit of excellence

Missionary because hugging while fucking is excellent

Shop together and don’t fight doesn’t matter wattage you’re always bright

Way to see even if my glasses aren’t working right nibble on everything done

Move aside sun she’s much brighter

Hot forgoing need for a lighter

Lyrics written towards our desires

I’m serious in person so

Never let your head go low

Wanted as long as you want to be

We meet wherever we are rain finding the way to sea seriously.


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