I hear you playing for me

Piano driven emotions speaking

Focus is on you.
Tangled up in assessments I can be hard to read

Hell I make myself mad sometimes so I understand your frustrations

Difficult to know where I’m getting my upsetting moments from

Laughing too loud then silent to the point of being uncomfortable

No it’s not your fault oh no.
You play your strings of beauty

Oh yes I love every song

If I get carried away by stray thoughts remind me to hold on to you. 

The greatest moments are in our hands

Especially when our hands are in our hands

When I lick your secret

It’s not enough

Deep as  I go

Need more when we stop.
Beautiful conversations

Beautiful masturbation

Beautiful in every thing you do

Even when we’re annoyed

We come together until the storm is through

Respect and equality makes us

Cum a time or two. 
Strings you’re playing sound wonderful just like your voice

One woman band with hits 

No flops nothing bad at all. 

I don’t hesitate to say I love you so much

If you could see the light I see in you

It could be blinding. 
Fear doesn’t belong here

Holding you close does.


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