Love Crust

Actions scream

This is what I mean when I say

It’s alright 

Those pretty words are everywhere

Show me you care.
I’m here for you anytime you want

You say you are but asking is difficult

I feel like I’m bothering your time

And remember when I would drive across town low on gas

Miss work and get fired to see you 

Hoping you would want me some day.
I just hope I’m not bothering you

Hope I’m not annoying you

Is this how it’s going to be when I need you

Is this how it’s going to be with you? 

There are several people who claim to love me

Actions contradict words spoken free

And I’m tired of listening only to see the opposite

We have no connection so love isn’t here

As much as it hurts me I rather be alone

Than wait for the same outgoing personalities to be shown.
Give then give to find myself out

Love hard going all the way out

Cherish times that were precious

Throw away promises of bringing people along

We don’t have the same ideas towards loyalty

Or the same ideas of friendship

All acquaintances to me

All come with painful technicalities

I dare you to ask why my mouth is closed.
Abandon me now 

Before I get my hopes up to be stolen

Before I tell everyone we’re golden

Don’t be lukewarm

Here until the wind gets strong.


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