First Call These Days

When you were lower than a grave

Who did you call looking for an escape

Didn’t I almost cry with you over problems

Come to find out you were and are the main one

Repeat and then get mad

You can’t seem to find a way out

I stepped away without emotion

Left your ungrateful ass floating in the ocean

Just like you’ve always wanted to feel


To have something to complain about.
First call after being stripped of vanity

First call after you hit concrete

But no reply from me 

Tell me I can ask you for help and to please ask

Then get annoyed walk away fast

When I turn my head away

You wonder why I’m this way

Too many people have done the same

If I distance myself here come complaints

Oh I’m supposed to be your abused toy

Doormat you shit on asking for more 

When you have fucked up every friendship

Not with losers oh you have plenty of those

When you fuck over the people who loved you most

Silence shouldn’t be a surprise

You know you messed up when I refuse to look into your eyes.
You know I cared deeply

So your first call is always me

Blocked you to save myself from falling

Sympathy isn’t coming

You’re big and bad right so here you go

Do everything alone.


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