Garbage Post: Crown Then Life

Gave me this tarnished crown of life.

Or instead of complaining I should u understand by looking deeper.

I sense things to write about code behind operations.

Have I been lying to myself claiming I don’t know what to do next?

I should put this crown back on then listen to the silence take over.

Stop talking myself down and use my keys.
Instead of swearing I’ll never leave author of excuses.
You know I’m battling ignorance inside and outside

Killers of chances to advance manipulation in every corner it’s their stand

It’s hard to recover but enough effort can uncover land mines placed liberally

Attacks on the mind recorded digitally

City seen as the problem this crown seems like a joke until youlook through

A better set of lenses made by yourself with instructions from critical thinking

Some days it feels like the whole world is sinking remember the mission isn’t survival 

It’s find a peaceful solution on Hell’s roads.


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