Rope Jumps Fast

Another day of blame I see liars and short memories on tv

Programing isn’t designed to bring clarity or peace

Let a man insult progress get elected civil rights to be disconnected

But see this man isn’t even president

All he does is lie lay in the background

Figurative no Satan straw man to beat down

Ignorance smokes the fattest brain cell blunts

Filled by folks with closed brains throwing away reasoning when bills get tough

Just an example of many others of course exceptions

People always come to senses change directions

Tired of being lied to paying suits

While being directed at diversity when paychecks damaged hurt no new boots

Staying up checking lottery ticket numbers

Knowing damn well broke neighborhoods get no winners just blunders

Human nature to feel special until reality moves in

Then perhaps denial stops being kin

Jumping ropes fast as pressure increases

Looking up doesn’t make sense but make cents decrease

Disobey find your whole family beat

But the god they serve is so sweet

Blame women worldwide for everything men can’t handle

Cover women up because it’s their fault men feel obligated owed for a free sample

Programing isn’t meant to bring peace.


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