Rocks In A Fish Tank

Monday morning makes me slow

Requested to work don’t want to go

Instead my hands have better plans

Experience her hidden lands

Oh we want to go missing in bed

Deep inside focus is restored

If this happened everyday survival chances will soar

Other people claim they’re interested in me too

None of them are her so they automatically lose.
Lick her twice and another

Treat her will before during and after the bedroom true lover

The news saying we’re doomed so I suggest

Four or more hours of holding each other and sex

Monday morning can be foul

Words incomplete missing vowels

Workers saying they better not confront me

Better be happy we showed up

Ate too much this weekend toilet blew up

Here we are again working to be broke

Must do what we can to stay afloat

Being touched with kisses for breakfast helps much

Swallowing our frustrations with horny eyes in agreement.


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