Right Underneath The Skin

Ever hour we’re apart I sigh

Life is tough and death is rough

Carrying loads across vacant possibilities

It’s very strange becoming one with another

At the same time light bulbs wake up

Ideas for us if we can make it

No one else can turn my head like you

Giving my life isn’t so hard to do in this

When you smile I know I’ve made it through

The side where I’m no longer confused

Minutes with you are never wasted.
You are straight to the point

Under my skin wherever you want

Flowing through my body freely

Making fighting these days so easy 

Wrap your legs around me harder

Erase my anxiety completely

Find me when you look for love

Discover me inside your dreams

I was just a stranger yesterday

Today I’m your lover and friend

Complications come but we’re ready

Much more to loyalty than it seems

Moments without you I’m less

Waiting until I can undress your mind again

You’re more than my climax

Everything I get has her inside me

Straight to the point underneath my skin

Reaching the stars fragments I was born in.
Just need you more

Flowing in and out such power

Creating a new me when I breathe deep

Hold me time and time again.


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