Bench By Our Lake

Laughing because you’re worried about me

Woman I’m worried about you

As soon as you find out I have faults I’m in trouble

Right now I appear in light

Pretty soon I’ll be seen as is I am

Just another man

Trying his best to ignore inevitably

By understanding all he can

While I fail you still cheer

Swearing I’ll bring us to views clear windshields

And I will but I’m still shocked

I would have ran away before now

How can I say that when I’m right here

And you are me too

Laughing at you hard

Because yes I treat you right but I know

I’m the fortunate one

There is no other love like this why run

I stay closer when you thought I left

Hard to believe others say

You laugh hard while I make your legs shake on peaks.
I’m still growing to reach my bloom

Others left said I was worse than doomed

No secrets from you 

Every door open with welcome mats bright

I felt your heart before I felt your skin

You felt mine carefully explored in

My goofiness free and silly dances

Masses out of this Earth 


A paradox that’s just right

Further nights and days getting ourselves tight

Nothing between 

So clean some say it’s impossible.
Bench by our lake 

Inward conversations are exposed and take shapes

Pictures I take moments held outside of life’s gate

These days I’m really alive no mistake

These moments prove everything we need to know.


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