Creative Time

When bills are backed up

Mental activity acts up

Left with only dread ready to find a ladder

Climbing up past fog thoughts that don’t know better

I’m more than civilized I’m stubborn

Should have died long ago refusal to refrain from doing something else

Captivated by people who care

Aware good exists throughout Hell keep looking for a way out

Before exiting depression direct others through first

My silly Twitter outbursts

Written universe teasing your beautiful mind sanctuary outpost

Here inside when you need love the most

Darkest times before light

Almost lost sight I understand more than you know

Let’s work together through times such as these.
Country irrelevant I accept peace in all labels

Create our own if banned from any table

Translation into yours meanings languages the same

Dreams of peace no fear while alive to enjoy it

Children happy to grow finding purpose

So I qoute steps instead of pity nights

Maybe we’ll figure out a way to get life right.
Maybe, one day we’ll

Get life right 

Destruction isn’t logical 

But it turns and runs after us

I run my estimations on paperwork

Flirt with variables trial and error court

Some dislike me because I’m not asshole

Way to show intentions without crystal ball

Tall stories to feel bigger out to sea so lost

Mend and operate this is how people escape dictator joust

Today they poison cheese feed it us we are the mice

People hope for peace in death like life has nothing left

Serious problem connected pulling away 

I sway like branches to unity breeze happy faces

Creative place for me and maybe one day we’ll laugh while being truly free.


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