Garbage Post: Gust Enough

Bad guy so I decided to flee 

Wind without mercy that day 

We couldn’t work together for long 
Split this mind into two to continue on 

Automated responses on the left 

You know just ignoring stress 

Dying hope on the right side 

Oh baby look on the bright side you didn’t have to pretend you cared anymore 

I want deep 

Deeper eyes than the surface 

Helping one another find purpose 

Instead blame games crazy driving in opposite lanes 

I’ll find a place where wind gusts keep my longings away 

Write a garbage post no I don’t want it 
Bad guy huh 


Sleeping with thorns made me this way 

I would lay in bed left for dead 

Turn over and see the back of your head 

Wondering why I wanted to die with someone else 

Till death well I was dead 

You were gone further below.


You’ve changed how I see

Can’t give my all yet 

Afraid of ending hearing the same lies 

Touched in the beginning then surprised 

As the fire dies 


Whenever I show or request affectionate love.


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