End Lane 

End come through quickly, 

Exhausted with these dead ends, 

Better keep my mind busy, 

Work away time to think, 

This feels stupid like my lottery hopes,

Silly like thinking one day I’ll earn a toast,

Here’s to a man told the gutter would be all he sees, 

A man who saw through fake promises and wanted to leave. 
I feel stuck just a little, 

Surely would love some fresh air, 

Running around in a circle feeling sick,

False starts and encroachment hits,

People tell me to keep fighting on,

All I feel is confused hallway alone, 

Pain of making yet another mistake, 

Agony of taking on more I can take.
I just want to face a dark corner for a moment, 

Empty my head then restart in safe mode with a promise, 

To find my errors correct them and run like new.

Like new.

Do we have times when we look in the mirror angry, 

Can’t trust our minds, 

And I supposed to trust smiles from strangers, 

Known unknown strangers,

Tonight when I sleep, 

Let me uncover the deep chains I’ve placed on my hands, 

Bet you they’re not even locked in.


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