Last Bus This Evening

Before it’s too late I apologize 

Far from flawless I know 

I’ve made mistakes I’ll never admit 

It’s too damn dark in the past 

Sorry I’ve disconnected 

Didn’t know where I should have started taking again 

No I don’t think I’m better than you 

Had to make my own way through 

My pain shows in my face 

Don’t let my dreamy eyes fool you 

These are the chances we have chosen 

Are we terrified of our final grades? 
Been pushed down a lot 

Feel kind of silly for getting back up 

There is something on my mind warning of delusions in the air 

You saw me then I dropped out with no warning 

The battle in me consumes energy no calling out.
If something should happen, 

Don’t ask when I left, 

Hell it doesn’t matter what you do, 

I’ll be gone just like always.

Pray for your sins then swear it’s all cleaned 

My gift and thorn echoes within ears

Before I die let’s make a few things clear

I’m sorry for my mistakes don’t urinate on my grave.
I wanted to take so many with me if I gained wealth 

Now I see there isn’t but maybe one left

Joke now I’m poor and swinging at giants abroad

Still if I get the call I’ll change my number yours lost

All I wanted was love and not wordplay 

Unity and compassion but none here maybe in death I’ll be safe.


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