Glass Thoughts

Looking up was a laugh,

Made things seem magical and I,

I liked being unconditionally loved,

Under certain conditions from air above,

Anger before me and I wasn’t equipped,

Floods from a young man’s eyes,

Hid the pain,

Walked out eyes dried hiding shame,

What do I do now repeating at maximum levels,

Should I stay or go introduced,

Eyes opened and I didn’t see anything past stars,

Unreachable stars,

How far do hopes make it,

Not far enough.
All this drama in flesh held up by bones.

All this pain for a happy ending knowing I’ll die,

Touch my lover’s hand for the last time gonna be deleted. 

Evidence of my presence whisked away,

I talked to the ceiling with my best,

And so much more of my worst,

Repeated back verse after verse,

Confused looking for slavery’s end,

Confused looking for some answers but none there,

No more searching for acceptance on my knees,

Red letters written for the likes of me,

It’s too hard once you look through and see holes,

Greatest stories ever told.
When you see hate it changes your view of enemies,

Those who rather destroy,

Mindset amiss flawed damaged,

New information it refuses to handle,

Can’t stop must continue the destruction of peace,

Labels don’t mean anything,

Are we friends are not let’s work today aiming at tomorrow,

No instead sorrow and I couldn’t look above,

There are no hugs.
All this pain,

To be nothing again,

Seems forever,

Then eyes blink hands become withered.

No one makes it out alive,

So I was hoping we can spend our time together with weapon fire ceased,

Growing THC discussing improvements for everyone,

Zero mention of guns,

Just loud music freestyles and bad puns,

Under trees helping the Earth for once,

Instead my letter leaving almost done,

A drop in an unknown waterfall to death,

Be the one that I have left, 

Be the one who won’t leave and I say never left.


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