Beautiful Paper Design

Beautiful with clothes on 

Even better nude 

Wrapping each other up in touches 

Moan for me too 
My sex drive high powered 

Relax it’s contained 

Saving it all for you darling 

There isn’t enough orgasms between us 

So let’s add to the total tonight 
Who do you think I touch myself thinking about 

I watch porn but the actors fade out 

Every mark on your body mapped 

It pleases me to see your eyes disappear 

When I kiss you I know you feel it everywhere 

Passion within my fingertips 

Exclamation point in my underwear it lifts 

Just holding your hand excites one of my gifts to you 
This bed is lonely 

You’re so beautiful and sweet so I’m horny 

Aroused thinking of your smiles to me

Your love matches mine vast as the sea

Surely you know how much I want you 

But I’ll tell you everyday just in case

If I’m going to eat I want your lips on my face

Licking my lips for your hips a steady pace.
Oh yeah I hear the words and I like them all

Actions are better our bodies meet applause 

Don’t take my affection plus attention lightly 

I would like to be inside you hourly 

Mind and body you’re the one who inspires truly 



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