Saved Under A Name

Can’t let anyone know it

So we hide our touching it’s important 

I’m not happy with all these hidden trips

But I guess I better take whatever I can get

Riding in and out checking traffic 

Because being seen with you might make things tragic 

People saying maybe I deserve better 

A lover unafraid of consequences for wearing my sweater

Asking if we’re grown or not

Yeah we’re are so why does my name change a lot

Different names just in case they look

Loving undercover notes hidden in books 

Mentioning my name 

Only gets questions mistreatment it’s a shame

I thought this was serious all lanes

Instead I sacrifice my words her family calls me bane

Days like this make my stomach turn

Selfish of me to ask your bridges to burn

What about how I feel 

Them or me I already know I’ve lost the deal.
Better not show any pictures of us

Get ready for Armageddon a big fuss

I’ll pretend I don’t mind being hidden 

Sending messages on silent at Thanksgiving 

Why should you stand up things may get hard

I’d do it for you live in an abandoned car

Complicated yeah I understand 

Leaving comfort for me isn’t in the plan 

Second thoughts popping up over our land 

Just how firm should I hold your hands 

Banned you know it’s only your kind only yours

Fuck it’s obvious they say my heart is a whore 

Don’t even know me and don’t care 

Honestly I’ve been wondering if you want to stay there 

Have me on the side like some salad 

Every now and then I wonder if my sacrifices have been valid 

Saved under a name maybe 

Quiet or your house may go crazy. 
I don’t want you to have to be extra

Gotta be careful with security measures 

If I walk away you’ll understand 

Shouldn’t have to hide who I am 

Can’t come pick you up 

So either way I’m feeling stuck 

Better not say my name 

Family wrote it down as bane. 


Save it under a different name 

Oh be silent

Under a different name it is.


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