Dust Wind And Nothing


Take away my happiness 

That’s what you do

But if anyone is silly 

It’s me for allowing you to do so 

I’m already trash don’t need your help being disregarded

Hugged me and made me feel like 

Like I was someone’s star guiding direction home 

Offered my heart without question 

My fault discretion unused 

Join the clueless saying I’m impossible to love 

Meanwhile I curl into positions my existence came from 

Argue I want nothing besides leaving you confused 

Miss your part 

Miss your responsibilities like you always have

Responsible for yourself oh no 

Leave that and more to me no

Can’t see the weeds in your garden of excuses 

It’s always everyone else stopping you from moving

Recliner your lover for years 

Claim to be so exhausted 

Hot air floats you pinky in the air.
Take away my happiness 

No not this time 

Pretend your body is the oldest 

Act as if love is hard to find 

While you await my return 

I’m planning a door slam finale 

Already given too much love 

To a toxic trap mind and body

Is it too hard to understand 

Why staying was suicide 

No identity 

Swearing you don’t know why you’re alive 

Unlike me who loves too much 

Affection from you faulty

Mad because I had to go

You don’t even love yourself

When you said you loved me 

I figured it’s impossible you don’t know what love means 

I’m not your parent 

You already have two people for that role 

My universe wasn’t meant to be based on you 

Black hole swallowing a soul.
Marry your excuses and make love 

Ignore changes needed be your victim instead 

All the time in the world is yours 

Fall into your grave parched 

You’ve been dry for a long time 

Flowers tried to grow suddenly died

With you I was a mess no happiness 

Barbed wire in words I was supposed to digest 

Creation runs through you 

Must be hard to run the world like you do.


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