Didn’t Want This Trouble

In my spaceship,

I said I’d come down poor and hated,

Didn’t know how hard,

How hard and fiercely humans hate,

Gleefully slashing necks,

Stomping on necks claiming to be stronger,

Without mercy looking for some,

In a place invented to control everyone,

I think I’ve made a mistake,

On a planet far from being safe.
Nukes and bombs just in case,

Scared I’ll die at the hand of failed leaders,

Buttons pressed and we’re all dead,

While so called important people rest below without dread,

Some say don’t complain,

You should be happy to live even in pain,

Easy to say until you see,

Loved ones dying final breath wasted praying on knees,

Some know there’s no second chance,

Others destroy ask for forgiveness swear innocence is recovered.
The saddest thing is pointing that barrel to my head,

Waiting for a manifestation of light overhead,

A glimpse into peace instead of regrets in my head,

Instead hearing a voice saying come home to oblivion instead.

Don’t pretend your signature wasn’t signed for this trouble,

Stick around even as you are betrayed one after another,

You should be happy for lonely days,

Should be happy no one stays,

Forget where you left your ship,

Embrace the moment your heart quits,

I didn’t want this trouble. 

Can I take it back,

Nothingness was easier,

Can I go back,

Unfortunately the only way out is the one way you’ve been running from,

Setting up so I don’t flinch tonight,

Foolish sticking around when nothing has been right,

Lower position means you can save those on the bottom floor,

So this is what we live to die for,

Sitting in the closet crying tears into your gun,

Counting costs with a final solution to spare everyone,

Bitterly weeping longing for that spaceship,

We left behind to help,

Did we or were we forced into this trouble,

Crumbling screaming I didn’t ask for this trouble.


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