Next To A Damaged Tree

Lost between pages written in hope’s ink 

Wrote how a compass failed to lead me home

Hours invested with zero return 

You don’t look at the sky defeated

Being phased out until replacement day 

It’s too much to ask, too far to risk your discomfort 

Built to be destroyed at another’s convenience 

Words pretty like wallpaper hiding rotting walls 


Some drive hours to meet love 

Others say they’ll show when they can 

Of course I’m looking at you differently 

Thought I knew who I was now I’m not so sure 

Checking between those pages I’ve hidden away, to remember 

The darkest ink says wasting time looks beautiful until the last page 

Refrain from engraving your name on my skin 

It’s stupid but I want to do it, show you’ve won and always win 

Under this damaged tree, tears whisper enough 

Momma said don’t love anyone but yourself 

In the end you’re all you’ll have 

Don’t embarrass yourself in this task 

You love too much 

You expect too much while covered in dust 

Scribble another poem away before it’s gone like a balloon 

Way far from eyes straight up high 

Tonight you feel alone still tomorrow might be the life you wanted 

Keep trying honey even though it feels dumb 

Realize why some say they don’t want anyone 

In mere seconds that which was so precious gone 

Holding onto this damaged tree with its limbs dead opposite of strong.


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