Where We Can Breathe Content

All I know is, I don’t want to be stuck in this state 

Clocks racing backwards 

Wouldn’t it be great to put our middle fingers high 

Leave without caring goodbyes 

No more so called friends absent never close

No more feelings of being trapped 

New places where we haven’t been seen yet 

Far from this area filled with questions, main course regret.
I imagine days that may or may not happen 

All strangers new places to eat 

Finally able to write and be paid, feeling very high although there’s always work to do

Done with asking for rides from people who don’t really care

Our own stuff and quiet atmosphere honey we’ll make our home there

Studying layers under what we’re told, helping others come forth

Growing marijuana someplace it’s legal so we can sit on our porch and laugh.
All I know is I’m tired of being broke and stranded 

Breakthrough, yeah it needs to come

So we can be somewhere away from these relatives, their lies negative 

Let’s find a home away from drama. 

Maybe tonight I’ll hit all five numbers

Powerball or secret gift

Once it clears we’ll drive away and rebuild 

Watch our kingdom come in

Hard work will still be necessary, but it’s better than eating sardines feeling hurt and weary

So tired of these tears.


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