Empty Box Under The Tree

She said I shouldn’t wake up 

We can stay together in my dreams 

Oh I’m ready but sadly I wake up before we kiss 

Hands over my wounds until they’re healed 

Interested in how my skin feels 

They can’t keep us apart inside our minds 

When I’m awake I know something is missing 

Best way to go on is to keep it all to myself 

Hide it well 

It’s too difficult to see me 

Here I am feeling like a rotting tree 

Yet who am I to ask for changes
Should be happy  with what I receive.

It’s the thoughts that count right 

Occupy myself with something else to manage 

I don’t want to bring your Christmas tree down

Be happy and do what you want 

Wouldn’t want it any other way.
I’ll just go back to sleep and stay for a while 

Be with you the only way I know how 

In my imagination you don’t let anyone hold you back 

Refuse to be insulted and refuse to hide 

What means the world to us because for it we find ways 

Got excited and saw my name 

Opened the box found nothing 

Lesson is don’t get too excited 

Should be familiar with being univited.


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