Garbage Post: Around In Traffic

She took me out in busy traffic 

Racing past yellow lights

Too excited for the changes we wanted

I would always say, please slow down 

I’m too busy smiling right now, she’d say

Couldn’t drive fast enough to get away 

Always brought out the better side

Gratitude overflowing .
Will you stay up with me and make it worthwhile 

Seeing your smile, spotlight from our moon 

Little things add up positive or damaging 

I want more if not all, on the good side 

Never want to backslide 
Never want to backslide.

Someone should be worth thinking about twice 

Twice every minute 

Obviously it’s different for everyone 

Keep me as the only you’ll choose 

I don’t like holidays but love the cheer on your face

Snowball fights, hot chocolate to erase cold

But my favorite times are on the way to your place 

Or when you’re headed my way

Anticipation teasing possibilities 

Out in traffic, stimulated mentally 

Days more impressive than no traffic on a highway 

Playlists trying to decipher words did they say toothpaste 


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