Seems Correct

Give my dollars to the most high hopefully for a ticket 

Just ask for  forgiveness and don’t be wicked 

Gifted and whatever words it takes to find pockets and shake 

I’m a classic mistake yet an answer to medicore living I’m natural 

What does deviance from the crowd bring combat against instructions 

Functions seem irrelevant but bigger picture changes evident 

Heaven sent no such thing watch loved lose halos and rings

Crowns cleaned still composed of compost fertilizer bullshit 

Quickly determine lies abound especially above ground 

Jesus nor Santa showed up where I laid down 

Whippings with a leather belt inscribing slavery  

Hanging around the white people too much when I questioned religion daily

Fed a genie in a far away place 

On my side unless I don’t pay protection money funny scams always part fools from their money 

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia but cloudy in the Carolinas 

In my cardboard box pain timeless

Seems correct for pain and suffering but worse is unseen 

Still not so proud far from clean I ponder decisions alone

Unable to contact rides from my home 

Bottom of the barrel ignored by the dome 

Always been roaming home network gone 

Can’t sleep better express myself write up poems.
It’s pointless or is it matter of effort 

Holy people cursive cussing saying my beliefs or lack of make me nothing 

I don’t say bless you I just do it hating lip service 

Should I go the entire distance to the cross 

To show I know I’ve already lost 

If your God was real I was a boss 

Sung and freestyled gave alms ten percent shaved off 

Believing curses lifted and had prophecies told being gifted 

Supposed to be a preacher speaking through music 

Gather the collection plate and use it 

Cast out demons speaking in tongues shun heathens 

Meanwhile the scheme exposed I’ve never felt more betrayed 

Hours on my knees begging please to oxygen 

Oh your God’s favorites have a hard time 

Trapped in fear quoted red lines 

No protection every night exposed under all 

Calls to make amends beg for reinstatement 

My critical thinking beat those statements 

Ticket sales ceased sounds correct.


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