“I just look around and the only person I can trust with any or everything is you.”

Sifted through while others just talked slick

You’ve always proven you care 

Even as more of my life crumbles 

That smile hasn’t left once…

I just look around and you’re always inviting me inside 

While I watch people who said they love me vanish without saying goodbye 

No one cares how we’re living in chains 

Attempting to escape together from these local liars

Related to us.

Laughter as I lose it all 

Nothing stands for long 

My star is realizing happiness is a war 

Brain realizing these paths as dangerous 

End the journey or fight together so we fight the world.
I just look around,

You’re the only one still happy to be here always,

I’m done with caring about the others let’s escape,

You’re the only one I can trust.


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