Depression Tricks

Depression likes to go back.

As what happened to the happy child.

Erase the good times you had.

Focus always on the bad.

Staying up replaying written plays over.

Until you realize it’s already over and now is now.

The future haunts without mercy.

Depression says why even stick around to see it.

It says you already know the future.

Just look at the past it must prove failure in predictions.

Go ahead and bail it’s the only sensible conclusion.

Dirty thoughts not yours but playing all the time.

Dirty thoughts of giving in to Depression’s lines.

We always know better.

Sometimes we get jumped.

One day we’ll be strong enough to overcome past and future distractions.

Until that happens we hold on.

Even if it’s crying under sheets, we’ll be stronger next time.

Crying isn’t weaknesses, weakness is lying.

Telling ourselves nothing can change.

Gotta keep fighting anyway through it all the way.

Oh I know it’s so damn easy to say.


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