Before The Splits

Oh I’ve changed 

You hoped I stay on the train 

Be satisfied with emptiness.
Wondered why 

The nights would scroll by

And I felt so alone.
Easier to stay in patterns 

Scary to walk away.
Being unhappy isn’t honorable if you can help it 

My love was more than you detected 

Why would I stay somewhere unloved 

My love was too much so she stopped the flow 

And I longed to taste love again

Even the silly conversations in bed 

The containers changed. 

You kept all my love 

Didn’t give much back 

Oh I’ve changed have I 

Well you’re still the same 

Refusing to hold any new information 

Refusing to analyze what you have 

Doing shit but not knowing why 

No more of those nights.
We feel so much better apart. 

We feel happy when we’re apart. 

You don’t owe me anything. 

I don’t owe you as well.


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