We’re trying to do this together 

This isn’t the time to second guess unity 

Leave how you deal with society on low 

I’m not ignorant regarding understanding the importance of listening 

Drama isn’t necessary, just think 

Take a break then come together for a solution

Because at both know walking away is easy 

Loving is hard when you’re selfish 

Let’s be brand new people. 
Why fight when we’re on the same team?

Why fight when we have the very same dream?

Why waste time?

 We could be laughing instead of being defensive. 

Don’t forget where we’ve been…

Hours shouldn’t be ignored, talking history 

I never hurt you on purpose and I apologized for my mistakes 

I don’t think I’m better than you 

I’m just saying why don’t we try communication for a few?
And we’re trying to do this together 

Hold our hands while they banish us away

For having different opinions 

For not looking the same

Still ignorant about life, it’s what you do and say that counts for you or against 

Why doesn’t it make sense to the world 
Stop killing ourselves,

Our loved ones,

Our misunderstood ones…


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