Yeah I’m Okay With That


Yeah I’m okay with that

It’s better than pretending my care

Empty my contacts fully aware I’m leaving

Stabbed so many times heart bleeding

Gotta learn to say no without blinking

Photos of shadows what was I drinking

He said she said I’m leaving

Look at me now aware it’s a good thing no grieving here.
Break off and disconnect

I’m not naïve just wanted to give chances

Ran over stole from my anger is full

Break off and disconnect no more bills

Negotiations ended couldn’t reach a deal

Breaking off. 

I love being their mystery

So many lies and rumors a perfect symphony

If I don’t like you you’ve fucked up somewhere

Swearing I’ve earned the title of shit king

I’m never around but end up in everything

Currently poor therefore trash to material worshippers

Same folks preaching God and blessings 

Yeah I’m okay with that my coffin will not be packed

Perhaps I’ll die broke but not broken
Humbled by my inability to earn millions 

Hope the lives I save can get them

Gold star free no rewards for this atheist

Day after day I swear to do better with no promises of mansions in the air

Even as some claim my skin color means I’m inferior

Sleeping soundly as if the dice roll was planned

Broadcasting end goals already double dammed

One drop of hate means you cannot see glory

The rock that breaks backs in many categories

Allegory parables hidden meanings what’s up

I’m okay with playing unaware until timer of life is up.


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