Left On Cold Start

I’m trying to sleep but can’t thinking about how you screw me over

My smile taken advantage of respect missing 

When I’m silent people wonder why my facial expressions unreadable

Thinking of a huge list I had of friends and family I wanted to support

Came up short when I realized my insignificance to everyone I loved

Exception from a stranger now my best friend the only one I count on together we win

Said before we die alone getting used to it should be easy

Instead my thoughts towards those I wanted to fly with diminished

Could it be I’m still struggling to show intentions from folks I cared about 

My picture means nothing therefore my presence faded away I understand my personality brings flowers like May

Yet here I am surrounded by users manipulators and liars

Can’t take me five minutes down the road for my errands but message whenever they want something

No texts asking to come over with care packages or a sack to roll get high to ignore my situation

They ask why I want to move to the west and start new

All the Bible belt has is ignorance pushed as truth

Weary of the same excuses with smiles on their faces as I’m mistreated

Only one pair hands in my corner

At the very least someone loves me but it’s more

The only passenger I need when I finally make tours.
I left in the cold upset highly frustrated

Thought together we would stand sadly we didn’t make it

Hours invested into people who turned out to be the very same evil they spoke ill of

While I dream of love and hugs they plot

Being selfish sure costs a lot and I know I have my issues too

But yo I try to keep them to a minimum

Freezing outside as I realize there’s only one person I can call and she’s not exactly free 

Wherever she can help she does 

Wish we could be gone tonight to a private destination 

I’m not welcome here it’s too cold 

I’ve always been out in the cold here.


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