When You Look

It rained so hard it was keeping me awake,

Looking out the bedroom window feeling stuck,

Hours insignificant turned such by you,

I used to cause about your kisses then it turned regrets,

Sitting in the closet for peace smoking extra cigarettes,

Staying away because conversation consistently pointless,

When you look at me these eyes don’t glisten for you,

Never thought I’d leave but I had to…

When you look,

And the world don’t disappear for an hour in a life’s second,

You don’t want look anymore.

Your physical application no,

Personality keeping my teeth grinding and eyes looking away,

When I would look it wasn’t long before I would turn,

Unable to breathe right bad nights nightmares didn’t care and I,

Checked my worth and feelings,

Logical questions truthful nothing misleading then,

When you looked at me I wasn’t there,

You had no clue my body standing there,

My eyes, don’t lie when you looked,

I wasn’t there…

When you look,

And realize you are already gone,

No need to drag or pretend move along.


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