Grinding Grind Sounds

Nothing special about standing by while working hard 
Ending up financially poor but hey it can build character

It appears better to keep attention centered reduce speaking

Punching walls until searches for external love sources stop

It’s like my legs are broken and I’m waiting for assistance

Hospital empty rehabilitation self serve only

Write under the tree for me and maybe share it

Various emotions especially when my medicine fails not potent

Whine about feeling lonely then slap myself homie this is death of course it’s so lonely

Not all the time sometimes feeling ignorant inhuman planet foreign

Repeating wastes only writing is safe

Doesn’t matter if it’s not formal life isn’t 

Raw processing yeah analyzing minutes back I admit it

Day after night this death I wasn’t trying to hear it.
Serious face sitting in the corner

Watching the land of free become land for sale

Waiting for government to give those in debt secure bail

Fourteen cents per day until the payback

Some days I think life is just a panic attack

Maybe I feel asleep and wondered why I wanted to die

Witness to human extinction by our own hands beaten if you ask why

Called and programmed to feel inferior

Otherwise unity among others might penetrate hate air clearer big picture 

Beautiful ways to control it’s gets old nothing new

How many times do I have to say I’m mystery to me yeah I know you too

Playing detective born without clues

No mercy no bandaid trust bruised

Bad habit some say like fingernails chewed

Some on the bright side you know the others.


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