Swear Politely

Swear to me

Promise like you already know

Paths we’ll take when scared

Swear to me you’ll never change your mind

Don’t ever let my affection become blurred among your other feelings

Remind us why we love every second

We have no grip hours slip away

Beautiful over and under covers

Remarkable yeah a wonder speaking of wonder I do

Swear that you’ll stand firm

Swear you’ll kiss me welcoming like I do

Help me get my head together your assistance is appreciated
Swear you’ll never want to be far away from my touch

Swear you’ll think about me so much

Time apart becomes too tough my arms always awaiting your body

Mind always invited keys made for you. 

As waste wastes away phobe numbers dropped

Number one secured slot your spot

Permanently the only call I refuse to drop

Swear to me your body needs to connect it’s how I feel

Then I look away you’ve never sworn to need me more than separation

Different places

Swear to me I’m more than a fill

Swear to me if you will.


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