I’ll Try Not To Ask So Much

You know I travel rough terrain,

Still you came of your own will,

Seeing light in me as I in you,

I want until days and nights end,

Good and bad bring experience,

Will we stay close or let situations break us,

How close to the edge

How strong are we

How much do you love

Would you rather run from uncertainty?

If you’re going to leave me go while I’m down,

Say it’s too hard to stay,

Don’t get my love and blame me for leaving,

No one said it would be easy like Coldplay,

Hey we’re both scared just a little,

Both wanting more and more time,

I just want to walk with you

Cum with you

Talk and think with you

Hope I’m good enough and more

Good enough or left alone

What you’ve always wanted fully sure

Day by day we’ll find out.

Treated well,

Hugged tightly,

I hope you don’t think I show too much affection,

People say it’s just a new phase with new faces,

Quick to be eroded by time,

Already hoping for failure let’s disappoint them,

They don’t know us do they,

I’m just asking these questions because I’m scared,

What more can we give but the present moment?


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