Hole Between Fenced Minds

Visions of her hands wrapped in mine

I rather past the time with such feelings

Better than, realizing I’m dying

Some say I shouldn’t be happy it’ll break down over moments

Always does they say

Misery and unbelief mixed

Don’t drag me under with your bad experiences

Plenty of my own mounted on my memories

Walls of disbelief, yeah I know my slim chances

I’m taking this love to love don’t need your permission to want it
If her hands in mine makes me happy

Why trap me with worse cast scenarios

Let love our go 

Find your dream inside a body with a superb mind 

Rare in the world of liars games played wasting hours

Obstacles in every bond, we try to grow and learn move up

Enemies curse then take action

Our strength has to be complete to combat ramblings

Abandon fear to fight back without hesitation it’s where my heart is at

Meanwhile in my shared castle

Mental place to tackle analyze victories, failures

I prepare a place beside my own

I can do it alone or equally share my throne

Loss kingdom status wished by those pleased sadness
Didn’t want me alive

Don’t want me to love being alive

Hope I die to laugh at my life

Swear you would have helped but couldn’t see why

I found a warm heart

You want it to stop

Want me to suffocate, drop

Is that what you want?


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