Twisted Weed Flower

Stop pretending we didn’t fail

Holding hands until they split

Years of experience grinding or experience

Some things were fine

Others were amazing

Still more was empty

Confined me in a prison
Tell everyone you were the prisoner

Make it look good for you but for me rough

Honey you don’t scare me at all

This mirror scares me through my mind.

Sometimes looking down is called for

I tried looking around for someone or something to blame


Then defeated myself and had to learn to control my thoughts

Ain’t saying I’ve a master I’m so far

But I think I know where I am heading 

Your love wasn’t enough love for me I’m telling the truth

Someone else will be excited for your style

Meanwhile I’ve found someone with an open mind like an open sky with sun

I can be myself without fear
Go and tell everyone I wasn’t good

Was until I finally understood

Your love isn’t the type for me

I had to tell you bye so I wouldn’t play around 

Or act like a dumbass freak out or check out

Tell everyone the truth the past is done

Let’s just move forward everyone 

Yesterday I found out a lot about myself

Places where I feel improvement should help

Hurts to see mistakes

But changing them into lessons doing differently is perfect weather 

For growth

So cry or sigh then get back up

I’ll feel worthless for a second then get right back up

Hard headed I just refuse to die oh my.


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