Preaching To Headphones

Weaknesses turned into motivation

No starvation of seeking new levels

And I’m not preaching to you

Talking to myself first because I know it starts inside first
That glow you can’t explain,

The feeling you can’t describe past wonderful,

No bragging needed staying humble,

Admit plan execute done with problem.

I’m not talking to you so calm down

Gotta start with myself first

Then I can help someone else

Gotta do these things myself

I’ve been in line

Standing with most

Instead of making my own path
I’m starting with the man in the mirror Michael,

True after all these years,

No one else deserves the blame,

Instead of feeling depressed trapped in shame,

I’m going to get back up again. 

I’ll wash inside the cup

It’s what’s inside that counts

No room for hate or acting dumb

Or actually being ignorant on purpose

I believe in a higher purpose than sitting on fences

Fight until I can’t to continue advances 

Of discovering ultimate love for all people.


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