Rushing Left Side

No help here baby so aim right

Second chances aren’t for us

Sitting in the back of the bus abused

Coming home finding bad news

I thought about life and death had to choose

Meanwhile on the inside constantly bruised

I know your pain’s family

Meet with me weekly yearly hell hourly

Shower me with bad situations

Invisible they hadn’t happened told they were waiting

Skating clueless on ice in a world opposite of nice

Throw pain instead of rice with scriptures

Get ya ready to end your life if you don’t figure

The home team dominant kill you celebrate

Of course we’re depressed pressed to escape

Wish we did have a savior with a cape

Prevent ill will gladly keep us safe

Instead this is war because they want war

I want peace so get attacked figuratively much more

Mental attacks broadcasted from all shores

Realize pioneers are shunned 

The same old is comfortable people hate change new ones

Eventually we get angry no tears run

Or maybe them all finally free to really express the call

Whatever you’re selling is worthless if the label of asshole is applicable

What is the purpose if you’re one of the predictable

Like everyone else

Choosing the darkness only caring for self.


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