Garbage Post: Basket Mailed

My room is never quiet thinking of moans

Holding on to interactions regarding mutual satisfaction

Of course I appreciate the connection right now I’m viewing the video

Taken by my eyes meeting yours tours below by both of us

I show my love on many levels the physical is just a pedal to the floor

Accelerating the wanting of more time never satisfied

My worries missing but not missed after and before we kiss

Images of your beautiful body flipped through in my mind

Others claim to want and go for hours with us it’s literal

Hard thinking of the rain falling during our sex in nature

Unable to wait park the car in the corner

Our looks confirm desire whispers ignite then keep our fire burning

Yearning after two hours it’s now a necessity

Testing me I’ll pass be the reward please

Don’t tease you already know the status my heart is yours don’t take advantage

No worries you manage to stay generous and humble with perfection within

Even when I’m mad you make me grin you always win.
People worried I’mma fuck you over

Only thing I want fuck is the pretty pussy I love

More than vagina her mind is just as tight

Able to see past bullshit thinking deep add right

While confusion keeps those around us outside

Unable to process two hearts in agreement to ride

Similar observations human behavior students

Long term thinking short time thinking improvements

Bodies look and feel good now

Brains processing open minds stand the test of time 

Wouldn’t be in her life to waste years

Rather be alone if games make me cheer

No I’ve placed my contents in her hands intentions yeah actions clear

Lover of her mind and behind ain’t going nowhere

Sacrifice if I gotta make sure she sleeps 

Care enough to walk away if one must fall dead may my knees be the ones weak.


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