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I cut the cord on you

Stop listening believing

Stopped thinking if it’s on TV it’s the truth

Now even the local news needs to provide proof

Had bullshit up to here point to roof

Working loops for years 

Aware I’ll probably die poor no winners dear

Not where I come from looking how I like hun

Still I gotta try to break pavement

Figure out ways my creations can make payments

Meantime surrounded by hateful statements

Great it’s the Bible south

Where kill the unbelievers earns shouts

While government liars funnel money causing droughts

In the very voter’s pockets who failed

No checks only bills in the mail


Figure it’s just the local minorities

Doing evil looking bored without causing casualties

Already guilty obviously they have weaker minds

If they would work harder they won’t be behind

But keep em behind and let them do the time

I rhyme from the 80’s

Expand my mind for changes past add lately

State the obvious in layman’s terms

Sometimes just a little water will ease the burn

My bedtime passed but words approach the shore and crashed

Lighthouse maybe to those stuck in the bad

Had many failures to be consulted as an unofficial counselor

Top of the building looked down many times pondering

My brains on concrete witnesses stumbling

Mumbling on how that’s what I get for living

Okay we’ll show mercy throw em in prison

Seriously you expect me to bow to religion

You use force because our choice is no

Years of tithes where did they go

Homeless people while pastors plaster congregations

Die if you launch an investigation

Withhold knowledge because ignorance is control with a great hold.
Mister mister I’m still writing

Even though you said it’s futile fighting

Guess I cracked the code brought lightening

Inviting open hearts to the promise land

Assholes are too abrasive no entrance into peace can’t understand

Packed up in the end placed in a can

Sealed until the madness is banned

Rubber band history before I didn’t comprehend

People like destruction the past is where it wins

Then rocks fly by hatred the worse and unforgivable sin

Scratch all the rest if you can’t love you brother

Mistreat your sister like her humanity is worthless and should suffer.


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