Goddess Love

Come to me and don’t worry anymore,

I know how special you are it’s all over you,

Hugging brings us closer to the love we’ve always wanted,

The world may be complex but we’ve got this together,

You know me I can’t hide my hopes of us,

When you go to sleep and wake

I know you see my face

Just like I see yours every second

We belong to each other there’s so much evidence.

When people talk lies we laugh,

Perfection is in our grasp,

We’re fully aware of the scripts played,

You’re my everything my attention has never strayed,

When you kiss me I know you’re completely here,

So am I,

Offering my life,

Take it it’s ours to share,

I look at your pictures mesmerized

Loved and I am honored to do the same

Best friend with whom I have no second thoughts

Your flaws accepted just like you’ve excepted mine. 

And I don’t want anyone else to want me,

Oh no I don’t want anyone else to know me like you do,

There’s no competition no one even close,

Loving you and being loved by you is all I have ever wanted,

Didn’t even know you are the one I’ve been waiting for,

Cared about and don’t need anything more.


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