Garbage Post: Fumes

Waking up after a bad dream unsure of us

This feels familiar 

Yet there’s a difference here

I believe you want to stay 

And so do I terrified of your beautiful eyes sick of me

Distances familiar instances

Perhaps this is why so many are cold

Warm heart too exposed

Another role much needed goals
Silly going between social interaction then social anxiety closed

Posed for pictures eyes froze

Who knows my construction pointless

Witness the destruction like it’s nothing cursed or anointed

I never meant to make you feel like you’re an annoyance

Guess it’s too late high blood pressure thoughts of my mistake

Wait hours phone off air sour

Thought about it but you don’t respond to flowers

Slammed on brakes.

Insipid imaginations

Precious time wasted

Was open now your heart gated


Celebrated the goal holding call brought it back ages



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